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Vinnitsky Web Production’s Clutch Review: Five Stars!

At Vinnitsky Web Production, we help businesses grow through inventive and analysis-based design. We’re a digital marketing agency that provides web design, branding, SEO, search engine marketing, social media management, and more.

How to segment your target audience

What is the advantage of audience segmentation? All companies are divided into two categories: those who segment their target audience and those who can barely make ends meet :) This may

The AIDA Model in Marketing

Back in 1896, the American Elmer Levinson came up with the AIDA model. He used this selling model for his advertising agency in Philadelphia. And thanks to this it has gained great popularity. Among

5 main marketing research methods

How to collect primary information for marketing research?There are 5 main methods of conducting marketing research: observation, focus groups, surveys, customer behavior data, and experimentation. Each method represents a certain way of

How to speed up your WordPress website

Introduction to WordPress page speed optimization Research shows that people are not very patient when it comes to the Internet. About 23% of people do not wait for a page to