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Digital marketing

The World Wide Web provides companies with more and more opportunities to communicate with the target audience, promote brands and increase sales. By providing a holistic approach to online advertising, I see the big picture. Therefore, I offer not to point measures, but a system of changes that will lead your project to long-term success.

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web design

Designing new website pages or partially changing them is the next stage after in-depth analytics of user behavior on the site and the purchase process.

Poor navigation or menus, too small control buttons that do not fall into the field of view, or broken links – all these “little things” are quite capable of damaging the company’s image. A poorly organized catalog of goods, a complex order form overloaded with questions, the lack of usual payment methods – all this can discourage the visitor from buying.

I am ready to create a website or solve complex usability problems and make your site an effective tool for communicating with the target audience.

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The key to the success of a modern business is competent branding
Brand development is a technology of transforming a consumer product into a successful trademark, creating a competitive advantage of a product, its value, and emotional component.

Today, a beautiful presentation and, of course, the reputation of the manufacturing company are important for the consumer. That is why almost all companies, regardless of the scale of their activities, pay great attention to the development of a brand identification system – a unique logo, packaging design, and design, corporate identity, brand book, etc.

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The landscape for content marketing is continually changing with social media and online advertising

Online outreach is a necessary element in 2021 for any effective media buying strategy

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Speed up your WordPress site today.

Fact 01

If you sell 100k/day in products or services, a 1-second page loading delay could cost you 2.5 million per year in lost sales.

Fact 02

75% of users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less.

Fact 03

WordPress templates & plugins load tons of excessive calls. Cut out the plugin JS/CSS bloat.

Fact 04

73% of users will click back if your website takes >2 seconds to load

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